Posted on Jan 15, 2020

Artyom "Art" Shmatko REALTOR®

My Clients Love My "Secure Sale" Program Because It Sells Homes Fast and Outright Eliminates ALL of the Worry...And it Puts MORE CASH in Their Pockets.

When you list your home for sale, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Fortunately, you can control most of them (I'll show you how). What you CAN'T control is timing. In a market like this, with "crisis level" of inventories, it's nearly impossible to "time" the sale of two homes perfectly. MOST sellers today spend most of their time "scattered", mainly worrying about finding the next home, instead of controlling the potential perils that can happen in their own home sale. And it costs them money...a LOT of it. Because I guarantee to secure your next home, you can focus on doing the things that maximize your bottom line profit while I do the "worrying" (not really... I've done this hundred times). Frankly, it's easy for me. You can trust my proven program.

All You Have to DO to Stop Worrying and Walk Away with More $$$$ is Call Me... NOW!

I make it easy to sell your home. This is how it will work for you. You will pick up the phone and call me at 202-738-6400 now. At the time we agree to meet, I will stop over to take a look at your home and explain the program. Then we will list it (and sign your guarantee) and you can...Start Packing!

To Find Out if Your Home Qualifies, Call Me NOW at 202-738-6400!
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